My Teaching Philosophy

I believe in creating a welcoming, inclusive, and positive learning environment for all of my students. This means giving extra help and support to those who need it while still giving attention to those who are more independent with the tasks at hand. Being of White settler ancestry, I value of the importance of creating a culturally aware environment for my students. Rather than focusing on a multi-cultural pedagogy, I would put more emphasis on an anti-racist pedagogy in my classroom:

I am also an advocate for anti-oppressive education in my future school. Anti-oppressive education is, “premised on the notion that many traditional and commonsense ways of engaging in “education” actually contribute to oppression in schools and society” . I believe in engaging my students and school in many ways of knowing, including Indigenous ways of knowing, in order to honour other cultures, beliefs, and learning styles.

Lastly, I believe in many aspects of progressive education. I would give my students many opportunities to learn through inquiry, learn through experience, and be in control of their own reflections. Getting involved in the school and the community outside of class time is very important to me, and I believe that by doing this it makes relationships with students much more natural. As a result, I believe that by doing extra-curricular work we can more easily and affectively achieve curriculum outcomes with our students.hands_raised_0