A Little About Me

Hi! My name is Maple Baxter, and I would like to tell you a little about myself. My passions include: running, practicing photography, doing yoga, swimming, crafting, playing soccer, biking, and reading.img_6893.jpg

I have never been known to shy away from a travel adventure, and I love to spend time with my friends and family across the country.

Past Experience:
My elementary years were spent in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, and I will always hold Yorkdale Elementary School close to my heart. My high-school experience took place at Rouleau School, where I was involved in many sports and student clubs. My experiences in city and rural schools has given me the opportunity to understand both from a student’s perspective.


I have always worked with children, through my experiences at Rouleau School as well as through my interest in arts and sports. However, my first opportunity to work with children full time was in 2017 when I worked for Arthouse Art School. I was hired not only to run and teach the camps, but to also plan and execute the syllabus. I ran three camps over the course of the summer, and we did extensive work together. The children were of various ages and skill levels. What I loved most was learning their individual skills and passions, they were all such great artists! Below are some photos of what they created over the Summer.



Current Experience:
I am currently in my third year of middle years education studies at the University of Regina. My teaching (constantly evolving) philosophy includes practices such as: anti-oppressive education, anti-bias education, and progressive teaching methods.I am also doing my pre-internship at Ruth M. Buck school! In my spare time, I work as an education assistant for Regina Public Schools, as well as an Interventionist for the Autism Resource Centre.

I am an active member of the University’s Education Student’s Society, and I act as the vice-president of the professional development committee. Through this society I have planned events like, “How To Be a SuperHero Middle School Teacher”, and “Yoga in the Classroom”. I have also attended the Saskatchewan Teacher Federation’s bi-annual meeting, and I would love to become a council member in the future.

Future Goals:
As mentioned, I will be graduating in the Fall semester of 2019. I would love to be working full-time in a Saskatchewan classroom soon after. With my experience as an education assistant, I feel like I have gained knowledge of the “behind the scenes” work of a modern teacher. Not only are teachers responsible for teaching the students what the curriculum requires them too, but they often act as counsellors, friends, and mentors for students.

I am the kind of person who loves to take on jobs. I love to dig into a job and do it the best that I can, and I love to exceed expectations. I am a hard worker, and I go above and beyond for my employer every day. In my future teaching position I would love to coach sports, provide after school art clubs, and participate in staff bonding events. I know that if I was to become part of your team I would make it my own and do the best job that I possibly can.